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The extended skipper third-party liability insurance from EIS is recommended as it covers you for a host of additional scenarios that our insurance may not cover.
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Charter loss insurance: Lava charter customers secured against insolvency

Your complete protection as our customers and guests is not only crucial from a technical point of view. From now on, Lava Charter customers also enjoy full economic security in the theoretical case of insolvency of our company. Within the scope of this charter insurance we cooperate with the specialists of the industry. Our partner EIS Insurance gives you as a customer consistently insurance cover for an already paid charter price of up to 20,000 euros per charter in the theoretical case of insolvency of our company. Here the benefit aspects in detail:

What damages are insured?

Within the scope of the charter insurance, EIS Insurance accepts outstanding claims of our customers in the event of insolvency of our company. Covered are the claims that arose during the contractual year due to the insolvency of the charter company. This means that the claims are accepted by the insurer if neither the chartered nor a replacement yacht is available to you at the agreed date.

What sums are insured in the charter company's insolvency?

The insurance sum is equal to the agreed sum of the charter price, which has not been reimbursed because of the insolvency. This applies up to a maximum sum of 20,000 euros per charter. Altogether, there is a cumulative limit of 110,000 euros in case of insolvency. If all individual claims exceed this limit, the individual reimbursement claims will be calculated according to the ratio of the total amount to this maximum amount. In addition, our insurance partner also supports you in case of legal costs incurred.

Charter insurance if the yacht is not ready for bankruptcy

Of course, in the theoretical case of insolvency, we try to provide you with a comparable replacement for the unusual sailing yacht. For a comparable yacht, please refer to the general charter conditions. As a rule, however, it can be said that the replacement in size, cabin and co-number, general equipment and with a variance of up to two years also in the year the same.

For the sake of completeness, as in the case of every insurance, there are also a number of reasons for the provision of the service in this case. This includes, for example, a delayed provision of 24 hours per charter week. As a matter of fact, because of the late return by the predecessor charterer or a necessary repair, it can also quickly lead to one or the other delay. Further reasons for exclusion can be found on the website of EIS Insurance .

The insolvency has occurred?

This will not happen because we live our passion and also understand much of the business. But you have a right to know what happens in the theoretical case of insolvency and how the charter insurance takes hold. Please contact EIS European Insurance & Service GmbH at any time. A 24-hour hotline is available at +49 (0) 30 214082-20.

For the transmission of documents the e-mail of the damage department is recommended:

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