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Exploration & Adventure

An unforgettable explorers holiday

Welcome to the best kept secret in Sailing

The very definition of Explorer is; “A person who explores a new or unfamiliar area”. Whether you want to discover the westerly islands of El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma & Tenerife, or the easterly islands of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote & La Graciosa, Lava Charter has you covered.
Whilst belonging to Spain the Canary Islands are located close to the northwest coast of Africa giving them their warm and sunny climate. The Canary Islands are made up of seven islands. Each one is the tip of hundreds of volcanoes which erupted from the sea millions of years ago, and created the dramatic scenery that these islands are famous for.

Free Diving

Freediving is an incredible sport. It's completely natural, humans have been diving with their breath held for thousands of years, be it for food, treasure or pleasure. The Canaries offers fantastic diving sites for the beginners and the enthusiasts and what better way to discover the depths than having your own private yacht.


Whether it is wind surfing, kite surfing, body boarding or just body surfing, the Canaries is a spectacular place to enjoy the surf. Chartering your own yacht allows you the freedom to move around the islands and find the perfect wave.

“You spend a week living on the yacht, sailing around beautiful places, swimming in the clearest waters and soaking in the wonderful sights. Sounds quite alright doesn’t it?”

West Canary Islands


In 1954, the landscape around Tenerife’s striking trademark was declared the national park “Las Cañadas del Teide” and has been part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2007. Visitors on Tenerife can literally choose the weather because on the largest of the Canary Islands there is an incredible variety of microclimatic weather zones –oceanic, Mediterranean, continental or subalpine within short distances. With La Gomera just 25nm from Las Galletas, island hopping is a delight and a must.

La Palma

The worlds steepest island and worth visiting because of the lush vegetation and massive volcano crater, La Caldera de Tabureient. This area is a national park and is truly beautiful. Most visitors come for the excellent walking and tours of the active volcano.

La Gomera

The scenery is beautiful with lovely terraced hillsides and deep ravines. It is great for walking holidays and the centre of the island, the Parque Nacional de Garajonay (the Garajonay National Park), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a must.

El Hierro

El Hierro is a treasure in the midst of the Atlantic, made up of unique landscapes of incredible diversity. Framed by lava bays instead of sandy beaches, on its highlands pines and laurels grow alongside juniper trees formed by centuries of trade winds. Its’ people kind and friendly, seem to know the secret of what brings people to this island, which used to be considered the end of the world. Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself…

East Canary Islands

Gran Canaria

With mountains, forests, volcanic craters and sand dunes this island is a real gem. It is the most popular of all the Canary Islands and is very beautiful with a rather exotic feel due to its great diversity. The north is cooler and lusher with the south being dry and hot.


The second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, sits in the Atlantic Ocean 100km off the west coast of Africa. It’s known primarily as a water sports destination due to its white-sand beaches and year-round warmth cooled by constant winds. The multitude of beaches that wrap around it are interrupted by cliffs and sheltered coves. It's most popular surfing, windsurfing and sailing


Welcome to Lanzarote –where the red, brown and black Lava landscapes of “Timanfaya National Park” provide a fascinating contrast to the glittering deep blue Atlantic. Where a valley of 1000 palm trees is leading you up to the majestic cliffs of Famara, from where one can marvel the breathtaking views over Europe’s largest marine protected area – the Chinijo archipelago. A truly unique escape, where only bikes, bare feet or a boat gets you around.

La Graciosa

Situated to the North of Lanzarote, the island of Graciosa, is the largest of the Archipelago Chinijo, which also includes the isles of Alegranza, Montaña Clara and Roque del Este and Oeste. Together they form the Marine – Terrestrial Nature Reserve of the Archipelago Chinijo, the first to be declared by the Government of the Canary Islands. Its waters are protected by the Marine Reserve of La Graciosa Island and Isles to the North of Lanzarote. It is the most unknown and the one that lavishes most serenity of the entire Canarian Archipelago.

A typical day on LavaCharter

Imagine 7 of these in a row! Each day bringing something entirely new

  • 9am

    Wake up to the smell of the sea air and prepare breakfast aboard

  • 10am

    Your morning shower awaits in the endless blue ocean with a view

  • 11am

    Catch some rays while you sail to your anchorage for lunch and a swim

  • 2pm

    It’s time for a siesta with a full belly and a sun kissed body.

  • 4pm

    Set Sail for dry land

  • 6pm

    Dock for the night and get to know the locals while sampling local culinary delights.

Explore the Atlantic Ocean

Explore the depths with some of our famous activities around the islands


The Canaries is a fantastic place to Snorkel and with a yacht, you can reach the most remote reefs throughout the islands.The Canary Current keeps the water temperature between 19 & 24 degrees year round making it ideal for sea life of all sizes including the endangered Angel Shark.

Stand Up Paddle

Lava Charter has now included an excellent addition to your holiday fun. Make the most of the fantastic flat water near Anchorages, bays, beaches and give stand up paddle boarding a go. It doesn’t take much to get started, with just a few pointers and one of our super stable inflatable boards, from NSP and you’re ready to go.

Whale Watching

The Canaries sees 32 species of Cetacean pass through its waters which gives you the chance to see them up close and personal. When spotted, simply take a picture, and fill in the short form given to you during check in. The information will be passed to our scientific researchers at Sail & Whale. This is your chance to contribute to local research and help protect our beloved oceans.


Discover the 7 majestic Canary Islands by starting at Lanzarote, the Lava Charter’s exceptional equipped base.

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