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The very essence of LAVA CHARTER

Meet the Team

Our Team could not be more different. This is not only fun, but is above all the foundation for efficiency and team spirit. You can find everything at LAVA CHARTER except strict hierarchy. Each team member introduces his or her very own strengths and individualism at its best. You will sense this close cooperation immediately.

Jan Schäper

Base Manager - Lanzarote

Jan has been active in the chartering industry for more than 5 years as a skipper & team builder. The friendly inhabitants and the pleasant climate finally took him to Lanzarote, where he has been actively supporting the Lava Charter team since January 2017 as a base manager. Jan brings fresh air to the team and, together with his colleagues, pursues the same goal: to drive Lava Charter as canary experts ever further and to bring his expertise to the Canary Island market.


Markus Mutter

Sales Manager

The vastness of the ocean in his blood, the silence of nature being his compass, the waves however took him to the smallest of the “Fortunate Islands” – El Hierro the old “zero meridian”. Sailing, photography, freediving and ocean conservation are the passions defining his way of life. LavaCharter’s Mission, the team and interesting new tasks then took Momo to Lanzarote in July 2016. He’s creatively working in Marketing. Inofficial job description: Experience Designer & Happiness Manger.


Christine Wagner

Office Administrator Lanzarote

As a tour guide she has discovered the world and stopped at Lanzarote to fulfill her lifetime dream of emigration. She has been living with her little familiy on this unique island for almost 15 years now. Christine is a great addition for our team as she speaks fluent spanish and english. Besides this, she is experienced in a range of customer support and office organisation. She functions as a receptionist for Lava Charter and is your very first contact for questions or any other concerns.


Erika Voccola

Sales Assistant/Trainee Lanzarote

Erika was chosen by Lanzarote Island last January 2018 when she came for a professional opportunity and she found the perfect place to settle down. Her professional experience in international environments all over Europe is wide and eclectic. From customer/sales support to administration, she has been collaborating with companies in five different countries and learnt almost five languages. The most recent member on board at Lava Charter, she combines her passion for languages and the love for the ocean. Erika supports Lava’s young and diverse team in Marketing, Sales and Office administration, applying her need for organizing and the joy of putting everything in place.


Mel Symes

Marketing Manager

Mel is a familiar face around Marina Lanzarote, having worked here in the nautical sphere for over 20 years. She has brought various international events to the island and is now singularly intent on putting the Canaries firmly on the sailing map! Her engagement with responsible tourism chimes well with Lava’s sustainable values and a sunny attitude and ocean addiction finds her well at home with the team! Mel speaks Spanish and French and now has an excellent opportunity to improve her German 😊


Ayoze Montelongo

Engineering Manager

After 12 years on different seas, for various megayacht projects and with different teams, Ayoze decides in June 2017 to invest his love for the sea and yachts in LAVA CHARTER. Since then, the native Canario has brought his talents as captain, rigger and gifted technician to our small and fine fleet.


Joerg "Joschi" Lang

Special Agent

The "multitool" at Lava is Joschi. After 27 years with one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Germany, a change of scenery was necessary. So why not to where you spend your holiday? Lanzarote. And what do you do there? Depending on what happens. At the beginning, the Cologne youngster folds out the paint bucket and tassel from the repairer and tops himself out artistically when painting and painting. White on white is "hidden art". Out of love for his holiday on the water, he soon replaces brushes and paint with wrenches, keyboards and scrubbers in our harbour. Joschi helps where he can. No matter if inventory, problems with the telephone system or rust spots on the stainless steel of the yachts. There is also an open ear for coffee at any time. Always according to the slogan "Here you will be helped", thanks for being on board.


Jimmy Bada

Shop Manager

Jimmy fell in love with Lanzarote on vacation, and considered it an ideal place to work and make his hobbies a daily routine. Jimmy has spent the last 7 years on the island and still enjoys the warm climate and endless sun filled days. Jimmy is the manager of the LAVA CHANDLERS and is your contact person for equipment and spare parts.


José Carbó

Base Manager - Tenerife

“Jose started his journey for all things sailing back in 2010 as a junior technician for a local charter company in the Canary Islands. Soon after, his experience brought him to become office assistant and later on to run a local nautical shop along with his own sail loft, making him the youngest sailmaker in the islands at the time. Over the years, his love for the Canary Islands and passionate belief that the sailing experience must always be about empowering sailors brought him to start his own technology company via which he met the Lava team and so began a journey of collaboration. Now he splits his time building an empowering sailing experiences as CEO of Berthlii and member of the Lava family. ”


Zbigniew Kielbasa

Maintenance Technician/ Tenerife

His passion for the oceans has always been present in his life. It wasn’t until 2008 when he started to seriously live it while working as a skipper in the charter industry. That passion for the ocean, and sailing, led him to Tenerife in 2015. It was there where he found the ideal sailing conditions. In 2018, Binio discovered Lava Charter after making a short visit to the base in Las Galletas. Soon after, he joins the Lava team and began to take care of our S/Y, watching and care taking their maintenance. As he likes to put it, “here we pamper our yachts”


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